Staking to Eth2

You have your vEth2, but what's happening to your ether?
The staking process is handled by a contract defined as a Minter Contract for the vEth2 token. This contract is deployed to the main-net.
After users stake their ether in the SharedStake protocol, they can withdraw Eth by burning vEth2. This functionality decreases the risks & costs and increases the usability of the protocol.
The staking process is triggered after a predetermined period of time or once a balance limit is reached.
At that point, the minter contract is paused to prevent any losses while creating the validators. SharedStake deploys multiple validators to the Eth2.0 Deposit Contract. After this process, the Minter Contract is unpaused and continues to accept Eth and mint vEth2 again.
The Minter Contract can be updated with SIPs and voted on by DAO members with SGT.
Last modified 2yr ago