Want to stake your ETH?
  • Connect your wallet and input any balance you want or click the displayed wallet balance to stake the maximum, then press the Stake button:
  • Then approve your transaction in your wallet
Once your transaction is approved on-chain, you will receive an equivalent amount of vEth2 that you can hold or use.

Stake your vEth2 as well!

  • Stake your vEth2 in the Earn Page if you want to earn yield immediately.
  • Click on the vEth2 pool and input any amount to stake.
  • Click the Stake button and start earning SGT!
You can claim your rewards with the ‘harvest’ button without withdrawing your staked balance.
Infinite approval gives the maximum possible access to the staking contract and can be used for cost efficiencies. This is an advanced option and SharedStake developers do not advise its use for most users.