Staking & Unstaking

Staking your Ether was never supposed to be this easy

You can always unstake your vEth2 for Eth until it has been locked into the Eth2 contract. As the estimated time is years away, SharedStakers have plenty of time to consider unstaking after starting to earn additional yield!

When ether is deposited to SharedStake, users get a wrapped token called vETH2. vETH2 is a staking derivative redeemable for Eth on SharedStake when Ethereum 2 launches. The main goal of vEth2 is to offer liquidity for users to exit their position early on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) if they choose, as well as harness the power of DeFi and its composable benefits. For instance, a SharedStaker can lend vETH2 and earn interest with minimal risk while borrowers could perform margin trading.
Last modified 2yr ago