SharedStake token distribution is as fair and forward-looking as possible
  • 50% for staking pools, airdrops and bounties. In staking pools, 29% scheduled for the next 2 years & 15.5% locked for 2 years. The emission rate will update every 3 months.
  • 24% for the SharedStake DAO Treasury, used for special projects + DeFi integrations + audits + protocol insurance. 50% time locked for 2 years and used on demand
  • 15% for Founders. 50% time locked for 2 years and the rest vesting in 2 years with a two month cliff, viewable on-chain.
  • 10% for additional development and marketing expenses. 50% locked for the next 2 years - on demand.
  • 1% for advisors - on demand.

A significant portion (40%) of the token supply is time-locked for 24 months (until February 2023) with a multisig time-lock contract.

In order to maximize benefits to SharedStake DAO members, the SharedStake tokenomics are under review and any updates will be voted on through SIPs by SGT holders.
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