Distribution & Emission

Allocating the supply of SGT

50% of the entire token supply is distributed to SharedStake users

The emission period for SGT started with the first airdrop issued to initial liquidity providers. 100,000 tokens were distributed, corresponding to 1% of the total SGT supply.
The emission period will continue until November 2022. The schedule consists of seven distinct emission periods, each three months long.
This process is carefully designed with the goal of financial optimization and the SharedStake protocol will continue to provide maximized profit for SGT holders. The process is intentionally designed to reward loyalty so the earlier you join the 🥩 community, the more generous your benefit.
Emission rate changes every quarter
In staking pools:
  • 29% distributed over the next 2 years
  • 15.5% locked for the next 2 years

A significant portion (40%) of the token supply is time-locked for 24 months (until February 2023) with a multisig time-lock contract.

The intent is to give SGT holders, stakers, and investors confidence in watching their profits increase over a longer period of time. DeFi is not immune to charlatans or rug pulls. SharedStake is built to reward SGT holders with long-term investment horizons.

SharedStake DAO Treasury

It is also worth mentioning that 24% of the total token supply is allocated for the SharedStake DAO Treasury. The Treasury provides insurance and protection for the users of the SharedStake protocol. The Treasury is also tasked with strengthening the security of the protocol and decreasing risks to DAO member interests, thereby creating a safer and more reliable platform.