Future Improvements
Planned improvements before DAO governance assumes complete ownership
    Additional wallet support added soon
    Improvements to the UI and mobile support are in progress
    Staking operations will be more cost efficient with the auto-staking functionality currently in development
    New validator node additions may incur infrastructure costs but will increase reliability
    Additional AWS regions/VPS providers to increase reliability
    More client choices for new validators: SharedStake is currently using Prysm and there are three additional choices
    Allow members of the community to deploy validators through our smart contracts using KP3R to bond and control permissions for users with a dual bond of KP3R and SST
      Current concerns with this improvement:
        Administrative withdrawal key storage
        Minimum costs for slashing/keeping validators alive
    Move to a more non-custodial or multisig return paradigm
    Implementing SIPs and community feedback
The future of SharedStake is owned by SGT owners- join the conversation or propose a SIP!
Last modified 8mo ago
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