Unstaking your Ether with SharedStake

The SharedStake platform values its members and incentivizes growth.
One of the main differences between SharedStake and other staking protocols is the existence of SharedStake's natural exit pool.
SharedStake sends and locks ether in the Eth2 contract periodically (according to staked balance/period of time). This time-delayed mechanism creates a natural exit pool and acts as insurance to our stakers. Before staking to the Eth2 contract, SharedStake floats stakers' Eth for a specified period of time to allow users to un-stake if they mistakenly staked or if they prefer to exit.
SharedStakers can un-stake their ether when it is most convenient for them. 💯

You can un-stake your vEth2 and get your Ether any time you want.

  • You can withdraw your Ether by burning your vEth2 at any time or swapping for ETH with our DeFi partners.
  • It does not matter if you staked a minute or a month ago.
  • View the balance of the minter contract to check the natural liquidity pool for vEth2.
Your profit from Eth2 staking may be affected by the amount of time you hold & use the vEth2 token.


  • This liquidity provides an exit pool while acting as a method of exchange with all stakers (new and old) in the pool.
  • Since users can withdraw their vEth2, there is no need to worry about the price of vEth2, since it will be pegged automatically to the price of Eth2.
  • No staker will be immediately locked in the protocol with their staked Ether.
  • There is no wait time to claim your yield-bearing representation of staked Ether.
  • There is no additional transaction necessary to claim your vEth2.
  • This approach provides natural growth for SharedStakers' TVL (Total Value Locked) and increases the value of SGT while contributing to the success of the protocol.