Notable Features

Your StaaS solution should maximize your benefits

Easier to stake, easier to decentralize.

  • Users don't need to wait to get their Eth2 equivalent tokens or file any claim. SharedStakers get vEth2 immediately after the transaction is approved on-chain.
  • You can stake your Eth with just 3 clicks on

No, we don’t do that here.

  • SharedStakers can un-stake their Eth by burning vEth2, subject to the amount of Ether in the minter contract. The rolling method of staking / un-staking provides a healthy growth in TVL while giving users the greatest freedom of choice with their ether.
  • Some protocols have decided to lock their stakers' Eth immediately, and documentation is scant regarding how (or if) those protocols allow for early withdrawal.

DeFi, you say?

  • We believe in the decentralized future of finance.
  • SharedStake is one of the main proponents of collaborating with similarly decentralized projects. Our objective is to provide the most profitable business model to our users, and we will collaborate with other DeFi protocols.

Why earn less when you can earn more?

  • If you use other protocols, you can currently expect to earn around 7-9% APY after 2 years, not including variable "administrative fees". Downward pressure from additional validator dilution will result in a yield closer to 5% for the end user. Although these returns are significantly better than traditional finance products, DeFi users deserve the highest yield possible.
  • When you stake with SharedStake, you receive vEth2, allowing for a yield in addition to the expected 5%. Profit from staking vEth2 and harvesting SGT, or use your additional profits with one of our many DeFi partners and earn even more!

Just Hodl!

  • Other StaaS protocols have yet to announce how they will distribute the profits of Eth2 staking. SharedStake was built with profit sharing in mind: holding vEth2/SGT allows for easy profit distribution and gives users the option to use vEth2 to earn even more through additional harvesting and/or staking in the DeFi world.
  • Why choose one yield producer when you can have so many? 🤑