What do centralized exchanges do with the 25+% of accrued APY? 🤔
TL;DR: SharedStake offers the most convenient rates possible: 0.315% of deposit (0.1 ETH per validator) and only 5% of accrued APY after ETH2 migration
Running a validator node is not free. SharedStake aims to keep the most Eth in our members' pockets as possible, however there are infrastructure costs associated with the staking setup and maintenance:
  • 0.1 Eth fee per validator for validator lots of 10 and 100 to cover infrastructure and labour (equal to 0.315%)
  • And only 5% from accrued APY when Ethereum 2 officially launches
  • Fees are priced in vEth2, so the amount received after deposit may be slightly lower
This rate is significantly lower than competing products. The rate will continue to be evaluated through SIPs for additional capital efficiencies for SGT DAO members.
SharedStake validators are live on ETH2. If the community deems a fee change is needed, the structure will be included in SIPs for DAO approval.