🗳️ DAO

The heart of SharedStake
The number one priority of the SharedStake DAO is improving the usability, functionality, and benefits of the platform through SIPs and voting with SGT.
Priority two is already underway: becoming an exemplary Decentralized Autonomous Organization. We believe in the power of community as much as we believe in what we code.


SharedStake Improvement Proposals (SIPs) describe standards for the SharedStake platform, including core protocol specifications, on-chain and off-chain implementations, contract improvements and various other protocol strategies.
SGT functions as a governance token on these proposals and DAO members discuss and vote on SIPs. Core developers then approve & implement the decisions in SIPs.
Anyone can suggest a proposal by providing a SIP draft in an issue on Github or reaching out to any of the technical contributors in one of our social channels (discord, twitter, etc.).

Voting will occur via the SGT