Frequently Asked Questions

When was the launch of the protocol?

Our first airdrop coincided with the launch of the protocol and occurred 02/02/2021.
Learn more about our launch:

What is different from other protocols?

Can I withdraw my vEth2?

Yes. This is one of the main advantages of the SharedStake platform. We lock staked Ether periodically and this allows users to unstake their balance when it is convenient. The current minter contract allows users to withdraw as long as the contract is sufficiently liquid.
This functionality allows users to exit from the protocol on their schedule, unlike other StaaS competitors. Although this may affect SGT's TVL, we believe in giving more value to our users.
If this functionality is determined by the community to require a change, a SIP may be voted on by DAO members to enable/disable features. This is another example of the utility gained by SGT holders.

How can I earn more yield?

You can earn additional APY while you are waiting for ETH2 by:
  • Depositing the SharedStake Governance Token in the staking contract on the Earn Page and earning SGT
  • Providing liquidity for the SharedStake token on Uniswap and staking the LP token in the staking contract on the Earn Page for more SGT
  • Depositing ether and staking your vEth2 in the staking contract on the Earn Page to earn more SGT
  • Depositing liquidity with the Ruler Protocol​
  • More to come!

Where can I buy SGT?

Currently, the ETH-SGT pair is available Uniswap​

Where can I track SharedStake token metrics?

Are my staked tokens locked?

No! You can unstake your staked tokens (SGT, vEth2 and ETH-SGT LP tokens) from the Earn Page.

Where can I find more information on Ethereum 2?

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