Ruler Protocol

vEth2 + rc-vEth2
Good ideas need partners. And SharedStake found one in Ruler Protocol.
Ruler Protocol is a market-driven lending platform with non-liquidatable loans where users can borrow cryptocurrency & lenders provide DAI and mint rcTokens against the asset. LPs provide DAI/rc-Tokens in AMMs, and borrowers deposit their collateral to receive rc-Tokens (sold for DAI) and rr-Tokens. See Ruler’s docs for detailed information on Ruler's value proposition.
What does this mean for SGT users?
The passage of the SharedStake DAO's SIP-4 approved a vETH2/DAI market on Ruler Protocol. Users can deposit vETH2 to mint rc-vETH2/rr-vETH2.
This allows for a liquidity pool on Curve that will enable users to provide liquidity to an rc-vETH2/3CRV pool and earn rewards in SGT & RULER (as liquidity mining incentives). Initial liquidity was seeded from the SGT Treasury and dedicated vETH2 holders. These pools earn SGT + RULER as rewards.