Future Improvements & Release Guide

Future improvements

  • Distributor: Non-continuous cumulative airdrops with updateable merkle root. This contract will be implemented from the current Airdrop contract and be used on to distribute Eth2 staking profits to the SharedStakers.
  • Staking geysers will continue to be improved upon (updatability, eliminating required migration every three months, etc.).

Release guide

  • Release vEth2Token.sol with your address for owner and minter
  • Release Minter.sol using the vEth2 token address
  • Call set minter on vEth2 to transfer the ownership to Minter address.
  • In the case of contract upgrades, Minter has a setMinter feature to transfer the token supply to the new contract


  • Minter will not transfer non-staked Ether to the new contract!